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Why this website?

You don't know how to waste your time? You are asking yourself "I want to waste some time but i don't know how"? Now you found the perfect website to waste your time.
No matter if you want to waste a few seconds, 5 minutes, 2 hours or your whole working day: here you are exactly right. This website helps you to waste your time.

How to use this website?

To waste your time here you just have to do one thing: Hit the button "Start wasting time" at the top of this website. If you think you wasted enough time you hit "Stop wasting time". After that you get a random message what you have missed during your wasted time.

A few statistics on how much time was wasted on "How to Waste Your Time"

Over the time countless people visited How To Waste Your Time and wasted so much time. Get an overview how much time was wasted per year and how many people used to waste their time.
YearWasted TimePeople
201411 hours 15 minutes 58 seconds totaly wasted120
201556 days 6 hours 32 minutes 2 seconds totaly wasted24346
2016120 days 12 hours 46 minutes 51 seconds totaly wasted49964
2017118 days 17 hours 18 minutes 1 second totaly wasted45686
2018115 days 21 hours 17 minutes 7 seconds totaly wasted31187
201974 days 1 hour 47 minutes 57 seconds totaly wasted39043
2020693 days 2 hours 54 minutes 21 seconds totaly wasted40420
202187 days 2 hours 31 minutes 10 seconds totaly wasted34928
202252 days 16 hours 39 minutes 14 seconds totaly wasted27983
202341 days 5 hours 21 minutes 36 seconds totaly wasted13936
202428 days 11 hours 15 minutes 58 seconds totaly wasted4496